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Weddings are a celebration of romance, community and love.

Photo: Jacque Turner - JT Photography

My experience (over 15 years) has taught me not to follow trends. Staying true to what's meaningful and special to my couples will cause an unforgettable wedding to unfold.



The Woman Behind the name...

Hello and welcome to The Personal Touch Wedding & Events - an Oklahoma City (formerly Boise, Idaho) based event planning company.  I am Stephanie Huntley, the owner and the visionary.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.

 As a former Event Planner and Catering Manager for the United States Air Force (USAF) Officer’s' and Non-Commissioned Officers' (Enlisted) Clubs; I have a great deal of experience in event planning and management, negotiations and hospitality. I have designed elegant weddings for many officers and enlisted; as well as upscale formal affairs, dinner parties and charity events for several high ranking Air Force officers, government officials and community organizations.

Ok..... so now that you have my resume and know that I know what I'm doing; let me tell you about Stephanie. 


I've been married to the same man for over 23 years.  My husband Jamie still does it for me. Everytime he walks into the room; he takes my breath away! He still makes my liver quiver and is the jam in my jelly roll! 


I'm just a down to earth woman who loves good food, good company, good conversation and fun!  Whenever you see me you're always going to see my smile.  Honey life is too short to spend it wearing a frown.  Haven't you heard?  It takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile.  Besides, I'm fighting age like a bull dog and if smiling will help me grow old gracefully... I'm all for that! 


So what do you say?  Let's sit down and talk about what your wedding looks like to you and how we can take the ideas in your head and make them a reality!

I look forward to meeting you and I welcome the opportunity to have good conversation and a whole lot of fun; while we work together to make your special day unforgettable!

the team


Jamie is a valuable member of The Personal Touch Wedding & Events team.  He's not just valuable because he's Stephanie's husband either.  Jamie brings with him his knowledge of logistics and communication from his time in the US Air Force.

He uses this knowledge to give guidence and instructions for setup and breakdown of every wedding and event. He is "the man with the plan"! 


Jamie also uses his degrees in Information Technology and Management and Organizational Leadership along with his experience in website and graphic design to design all of the company's marketing materials.  One of his designs is the website you are currently browsing.


Jamie is also the owner and founder of Huntley818 LLC.

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