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The Cost of Your Event

What exactly will all of this cost?

The truth is; your wedding or life event will cost as much as you'd like it to.  The overall cost depends on you.


The price of a wedding or life event is primarily impacted by the factors below:

  • the location

  • the number of guests

  • your catering menu selections

  • your specific taste and style

Some of our clients like to create the event, and we price it based on the dream.  Others come to me with a budget, and we design to that level, always including special little touches that set the day apart from the rest. 

All weddings will receive projections to help you understand the way in which your budget can be allocated. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the business side of things in advance and gives you the opportunity to ask questions so that you can truly understand where your money goes and just how
much it buys.  We will spend what it takes to create the experience you want; but never more than is necessary.   A wedding is a major investment.  We will look after your budget as if it were our own.

What Does Planning Cost

We work with a limited number of clients each year and our pricing for Full Service Planning and Wedding Day Manangement is based upon the scope of work that needs to be done. The pricing provided is your base investment.  The final price is determined by:

  • the location

  • the number of guests

  • the number of administrative hours for research and design 

  • the amount of detailed work required for decoration of the venue (the larger the venues, the more work and number of assistants required)

  • the amount of time allotted by the venue for set up (the less time allotted; the more assistants required to complete the work in the time allotted)

Throughout the process you will work directly and solely with Stephanie Huntley - never an assistant.  Your connection to Stephanie is absolute.  Onsite at the time of your event you will have the full support of the team with Stephanie at the helm.

Travel expenses, administrative fees, and minimums may apply and will be disclosed for your approval in advance.

Money Should Be Talked About

I believe that you make your best decisions when you have all the information.  Let's have a direct conversation about your investment.  I'll assess what you need, develop an overall budget and provide you with a custom quote.  And remember… we're just talking; but this is where it begins...

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